Welcome to my new blog

Thanks for joining me! As some of you know, I’ve been blogging about SharePoint for many years at my company’s blog over at Aerie Consulting. I’ve decided it was time to start my own blog to share not only my experiences with SharePoint, but also share other things that I’m interested in. If you follow the Aerie blog, don’t worry, I’ll still be writing there as well!

I appreciate everyone who has followed my posts and my bombardment of tweets over the last couple years! It’s because of you and my love for sharing knowledge that I have set up this new blog. I hope you find it helpful and maybe, just maybe, you’ll come back! 🙂

I understand it will be an uphill battle starting from scratch, but I’m ready for it! (insert uphill picture below)

Baldwin St, Dunedin NZ – steepest residential street in the world!

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