An Open Invitation: #MSIgnite2018

With Microsoft Ignite only days away,  there is a lot of excitement around new releases and features as it pertains to Office 365 & SharePoint! Microsoft Ignite is a great experience to learn new things, connect with Microsoft Product Teams on new features and also network with like minded people!

Sometimes, it feels like too much. There are so many great sessions happening through the day, that you’ve likely jammed packed your schedule, rushing between sessions and heading to the expo hall. Like many, you may be using Microsoft Ignite as a way to get some one on one time to address issues you have been experiencing or any questions you are looking to have  answered.

In reality, the only downtime you have may be breakfast and lunch.  This is where I’d like to extend an open invitation to anyone interested.

Let’s chat over breakfast/lunch!

Unfortunately, I am unable to speak at Microsoft Ignite, but I would still love to connect with people who are attending or might be seeking some more in depth discussions about questions or concerns they may have with a lot of the new features in Office 365.

So let’s take the opportunity to sit down in a laid back environment, bounce some ideas and questions off each other.  I understand I may not be able to answer all of your questions, but maybe I’ll be able to point you in the right direction, or introduce you to someone who does know the answer 🙂

Topics we can chat about

  • SharePoint Administration
  • SharePoint Development (classic & modern SPFx)
  • General SharePoint Online/Office 365 (Provisioning, architecture, IA, Search)
  • Office 365 Apps (Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Planner, PowerBI)

How to find me

The best way to find me is to reach out to me on Twitter . You can tweet at me and we’ll find a table during breakfast and lunch and chat! Hope to see you there.

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